Eet dan gewoon

March 2018 | In collaboration with Elif Albayrak

The awareness campaigns and the media do not show the reality about eating disorders. They often show an image in which a girl is uncertain in front of the mirror. Where she sees herself fatter then she really is. Many people think that this mental illness is about self-image and the beauty ideal, causing a wrong clinical picture and ignorance.

People do not know what the disease is and how to act around some one with this disease. We have designed special cutlery to reflect the correct clinical picture, so we can make the mental conflict physical and tangible.

The important parts of the cutlery have been removed and covered with a layer of rubber, as a result the unusability becomes invisible. But when you want to use the cutlery it becomes impossible. This allows outsiders to understand how it feels to enter into a mental conflict and to experience an eating disorder.

Eet dan gewoon / Just eat; is one of the most used phrases against someone with an eating disorder.