February 2020 – January 2022

MB-ALL is a large organisation in the Netherlands that has been assisting more than 150 municipalities in the Netherlands by keeping the environment liveable and safe for many years. 

MB-ALL does this by training and seconding special investigating officers, advisors, supervisors and lawyers. MB-ALL’s clients include big cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. 

So it is no luxury to have a fresh, clean, but also businesslike brand identity and corporate website.

After designing their corporate identity, I started designing the website in collaboration with web developer Tess Kledi and copywriter / project manager Daphne Stapel, we delivered the website in two months with no less than 70+ pages.

I have also done some other various work for MB-ALL such as: Maintaining their social media channels.
Creating a brand guideline, necessary visuals and promotional material

I also expand their image bank by organising and art directing various photo/video shoots such as their one minuut video.

Because after all It is important to have all the resources that are suitable internal and for both clients (the municipalities) and job seekers (BOAs, lawyers, etc.).