The Desire of Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media platforms where we all supposedly can express ourselves. But to what extent can this happen when the online culture and algorithms are dominated by brands?

The more likes and followers, the more brands who want to work with you, so that they can earn money by using the publicity, in which you have invested your time, energy and effort.

But these brands require you to act and be in a certain way because they work with desires of people; they only want to show highlights of your life, which leaves little space to express negative feelings or vulnerable emotions.

We see so much altered human beings in these photos and videos that we start equating beauty with a standard that is unachievable by natural means. This is Unachievable without editing our photos to the point where we look unrecognisable and without only showing how well we are doing. But most importantly unachievable without suppressing our human emotions.

The Desire of Instagram questions the dominating power of brands by combining the two worlds that influencers live in. Showing the real vulnerable emotions of influencers in parallel to the perfect image.